• We can service all of your domestic installations and repairs, whether it be a job as simple as a new power point, light or fan, or as big as a complete house rewire. We can also provide services for those in the commercial field, be it a new fit out or additional works done to existing buildings.


Solar Repairs

  • A lot of the time people have problems with the performance or safety of their solar system that they don't even know about.  RCG Electrical can diagnose faults, deteriorating parts and monitor performance of your system. 

New Solar/Batteries

  • RCG Electrical can analyse your existing house bill, or estimate the usage of your new house, and determine the best solar system for your needs. We can also design a battery and solar system which can be integrated together to give you more independence from the grid, as well as some blackout protection if desired.


Stand Alone Power

  • If you have a house or building that needs power, but you would like to keep it off grid, we can design a system that will meet your needs.



Testing & Tagging

Electrical Safety Inspections